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Auction Process – Sell

Selling Your Equipment

Whether you have an entire fleet to sell or one piece Ritchason Auctioneers can handle the sale of your assets from start to finish. We take pride in handling every transaction with care, giving you the seller the individual attention you deserve.

RA Knows Value: Let our experience work for you. When you have something to sell we will help you determine the current value of your equipment. Contact us today for a no obligation evaluation of the items you want to sell.

Ready to sell?

1. Sign-Up

To commit your equipment to our next auction we simply need you to sign our auction agreement, which your salesperson will review with you.

This commitment allows us to begin advertising your equipment and listing your items in our online catalog.

Earlier commitments mean more advertising time and better exposure for your equipment. Contact us at 800.806.3395 to begin the process.

2. Deliver (For Live Auctions)

Our permanent auction facility located East of Nashville, Tennessee directly on I-40 will assure that your equipment gets seen. Once you have committed your items to auction, it’s time to arrange for delivery. The auction yard is open daily from 8:00am -4:30pm Central, and our staff is always willing to help receive your equipment.

Need help arranging pickup? We can handle that too! Contact us about arranging pickup and moving your equipment to the auction yard.

If you are selling trucks, trailers, or titled items, the titles will need to be delivered with the equipment to be sold. Our professional auction team will handle your documents with care, and begin to process these items for the auction. Feel free to contact our Title Clerk for more information and questions regarding titles.

 3. Get Paid

After the auction you receive payment in fifteen banking days, along with a full settlement statement.